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Africa: On the street of Ghana, Taking Chances – My Tourism Famtrip Experience…

If you have been to Ghana, you have met the shiniest of the African colour. Black ebony shiny and proud men and women, attire with contrast to accentuate their skin.

Starting from Shai Hills to Ho then Amedzofe Eco tourism conmunity then Tafi Atome Monkey sanctuary – I count myself lucky.

It was my second time in Ghana first was exploring the Gold Coast, this time, I moved a bit deeper into the country courtesy Accra Weizo Famtrip.

Everything on the street of Ghana happens by chance, you could fall in love with one of the macho built, handsome, dark and lovely Ghanaian men all gracefully walking around the streets of Accra or the tall Ghanaian flags flying almost at every street, at the greater Accra region market, at the entrance to Accra city hotel, the club’s and most major streets of the Western region of Ghana.

Reading this story means you are ready to do same (take chances) you might find yourself falling in love with this great country and all it has. For all i know and saw was love for everything theirs.

Going on such a ride with like minded people, adventurers – travel journalists, Travel Videographers all travel experts.

Yao Dzide a traditional African guide, aggressively insightful, knowledgeable, wit and sharp intelligence, such smartness to throw you off balance. Getting us to know about the city was comparatively easy.

We all say “Ameee” to his beckon call “Ago oo”, an answer we all found interesting, insightful story of the Ghanaian people, the origin, their love for craft and the ever growing developing tourist attractions, music and so on, all of that he told us.

The journey to Shai hills was a solemn and sweet climb through several whipped and unwrinkled road. Tafi Atome, a relatively small community with a Community based tourism development effort of about 387 hectares of a monkey sanctuary. The origin of the Tafi people is linked majorly of Nigerian migration.

Here in this village, you would twirl with monkeys like you have never done even with humans. Many did – Mr Okorie Uguru of the Nation Newspaper and my great friend Paul Ukachuckwu even if he had the most embarrassing picture of the day made the trip memorable!

Ghanaians are passionate about Palmwine too, here in Tafi village you would sit for some glasses of Palmwine watch the gradual dropping and the final fuming as it gushes through the sides of the funnel into the small plastic, even if it were better with a calabash.

You would seat and have some intelligent conversations about Palmwine and then possibly later on at the Royal Senchi Hotel with a Palmwine cocktail while on an exciting boat cruise around the dam of the Volta Region, a source of power to 28million people – not a treat or danger to aquatic wildlife and habitat .

Disco lights, beautiful ladies, tall dark macho men with a colour like chocolate , a great band, 5 bottles of champagne, a dancing shoe is all you probably need in a club in Accra. Dress as you would like but free enough to dance, its too late and dark for anyone to notice anyways. The only time you get to jiggle with strangers without getting knocked in the face, walk out the next morning like nothing of such happened. Accra gives you all of that freedom.

Everything here on the street of Ghana happens by chance, you see you eat, whatever you see you take!

Waakey, Eggshito, Roasted yam, coconut water, all readily available on any busy street in Accra and each one you would taste and some tracks of shatta Wale you would hear – All food for your soul and then you wonder “do people in Accra ever get hungry?”

Many things here are crafty I mean the Accra Art Market, its a center of colours, everything bright, dim, soft all you can think of. You would have a long adventurous trek from the Accra major market to this center, tour and possibly leave with a remarkable piece!

Before you know it, you are at the airport in a hurry to catch a flight and then you wonder “how did I get here, when the journey only just began?”

BY Jubilian Ngaruwa

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