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Tourism: 10-day return to Africa Luxury tour of Ghana by Diaspora slated for August…

In August 2019, exactly 400 years after the arrival of the first recorded landing of a slave ship in Virginia, which saw the acceleration of the horrendous Middle Passage, descendants of former enslaved Africans will make a triumphant return to the land of our ancestry – Ghana, West Africa.

Palace Travel, Inc. is excited to host this highly-anticipated 10-day Ghana,West Africa tourfrom August 5 through 14, 2019. Overnight flights depart from JFK, Dulles, Atlanta, and O’Hare airports to arrive in Accra, Ghana on day two, whereupon returnees will be met on arrival, ushered through VIP immigration and transported to the La Palm Royal hotel.

Travelers will be greeted with delightful welcome drinks, then relax, refresh, and recuperate from the overnight flight. Costs per person/double occupancy for the tour starts at an inconsiderable $4,895.00. Reservations will be confirmed with payment of a minimal deposit. Convenient payment plans are available with final payment due June 14, 2019.

At several of the travel stops, Ghana’s government representatives and people will greet and address the contingent, including a proclamation by the government recognizing each participant as an African in the Diaspora (DAY 4 of the itinerary), making this more than just an ordinary leisure trip to Africa. It will be a pleasant homecoming.

Palace Travel president, Lloyd Murray, said proudly, “This historic pilgrimage to Ghana will be a triumphant homecoming to the land of our ancestors. Participants will include seasoned travelers familiar with Ghana and the continent; first-time visitors to the continent; great-grandparents as well as teenagers, highly acclaimed academicians, entrepreneurs, religious leaders as well as students.

This trip will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Travelers will return with mixed, yet happy emotions.”

DAY 3: Visit Ghana’s Parliament House to witness proceedings in parliament; visit Kwame Memorial Park; view W.E.B. DuBois’ former home, now a museum and Center for the study of Pan Africanism; drive by Flagstaff House, the official residence and administrative offices of the president; visit National Theater for a cultural performance by the Ghana Dance Ensemble

DAY 4: Visit National Theater for a welcome by the government and people of Ghana; a tour of historic James Town; visit Brazil House; shopping opportunity (crafts, carvings, authentic, exquisite art and custom made clothing)

DAY 6: Visit National Cultural Center, Manhyia Palace Museum; welcome to the Ashanti Kingdom by the Ashanti king; experience and participate in cultural performances by artistic groups in the Ashanti region

DAY 7: Depart to Elmina and Cape Coast; see “Slave River” where ancestors were washed and prepared for slave dungeons to await shipment to the Americas; view music and dance performance by local Bamboo orchestra, Mesomagor.

DAY 8: Travel to Cape Coast dungeon; experience the emotional journey and RETURN through the “door of no return”; experience the Fihankra Ceremony and receive your African name and certificate of authentication

*Comprehensive itinerary and package details
This historic pilgrimage to Ghana will be a triumphant homecoming to the land of our ancestors. Travelers will return with mixed, yet happy emotions. Indeed, an experience of a lifetime!


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