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Event: Southern Ghana Union Conference Pathfinder Camporee 2018…

The Southern Ghana Union Conference Youth Ministries Department is inviting all Pathfinders within the Union Territory to a Pathfinder Camporee dubbed:



  • Venue: Papaye Gardens at Konkonuru, Aburi, Eastern Region
  • The date for the camporee is December 23 – 30, 2018. Registration Opens on April 28. Visit your local conference for further information and register.
  • Deadline for registration is on the 31st of October, 2018. Late registrations will not be accepted
  • Theme: ‘Follow’ – Paul & Timothy

While the leaders of the Youth Ministries are doing their best to Pass on the Baton and Mantle of leadership, the Pathfinders are being entreated to follow; Paul and Timothy being our exemplar.


  • Registration Fee excluding feeding: 60.00 only per pathfinder (Camporee Souvenirs & Organization).
  • For feeding fee: Contact your Conference or District organizing Committee



The “Follow” Camporee is a whole-camp packed activity that will feature all the regular events and activities including a community outreach projects, hands-on classes, competitions, musical presentations, drama performances, crafts, honor activities, sports, for each day, during the seven day event. There will also be powerful spiritual program led by Pr Ewoo who will be our main speaker.


  • There will also be a chance to express your commitment through baptism on the Sabbath.

Please note, this is a typical camporee where campers will sleep in tents hence it is required of each camper to come along with his or her own tent and other logistics. There will be no provision of dormitory accommodation of any form.

With more than 5000 people anticipated on site, plans have been advanced to ensure a fabulous event for all Pathfinders from the 12 Conferences within the Union.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime where young ones will meet together to have fun and fellowship. I therefore urge you to make time out of your schedules to honor this great event. You don’t have to miss it.

Pastor Alfred Kwasi Asiem Youth Director Southern Ghana Union Conference, Accra Ghana

Pastor Alfred Kwasi Asiem
Youth Director
Southern Ghana Union Conference, Accra Ghana


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