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Africa: Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines offers African world-class air transport services both for passengers and cargo. Ethiopian also offers maintenance repair over- haul (MRO) for customer airlines apart from Training of Pilots and Cabin Crew.

The passenger network covers more than 90 international destinations in the five continents in Africa, Asia, Europe South and North America. As an African airline Ethiopian Airlines flies to more than 50 destinations in Africa alone from Cairo in the north to Cape Town in the south, from Dakar in the West to Djibouti in the East Africa. It connects Africa to Washington, Los Angeles, Toronto and São Paulo in the Americas and to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Manila,Tokyo and many more in Asia. Ethiopian Airlines destinations – London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Lagos are largest cities that Ethiopia Airlines frequents on the global scale. Ethiopian Airlines – The new spirit of Africa.


Source: Ethiopian Airlines

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