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Ghana – Ghana reaping the benefits of investment in Aviation still mulling on partner for London Flights…

Ghana has set for itself lofty Targets of becoming the Aviation Hub for West Africa and slowly it is coming to Fruition with the opening of the 5 million passenger capacity Airport Terminal 3 recently opened to the Public.
Emirate Airlines brought the World largest passenger Aircraft the Airbus A350 to the new Airport. Not long After Air Namibia started it’s flight into Accra.
Ethiopian Airlines Africa’s largest Airline flies daily into Accra with its new A350 Airbus.
With daily flights connecting Accra to major cities in West Africa the new Terminal further positions Accra as a hub.
The other desire of the Government of Ghana is to have a home based Carrier that will fly to major cities of the World.
Many Airlines have indicated interest to partner with Ghana. Ethiopian Airlines and Air Mauritius were touted as front runners but recently some other Airlines have shown Interest to fly from Accra to different European and American cities.
Ghana has given 5th freedom rights to many Airlines to connect Accra to other cities. South African Airways flies to Washington from Accra. Kenya Airways flies to Freetown and Monrovia from Accra. Ethiopian Airlines have applied to fly to London and America from Accra.
According to Sources within the Aviation ministry no Airline has been announced as the partner for the National carrier and no Airline has been granted the rights to London yet.
Domestic Operations in Accra has improved as Passion Air joined Africa World Airlines AWA. That has eased the pains of Traveller.

Recently the new Minister of Aviation, Joseph Kofi Adda, held his first meeting with key operators in the country’s aviation industry since assuming office recently. According to Daily Guide a Ghanaian newspaper

” Mr. Adda met the operators to obtain first-hand information about their challenges.

Airlines represented at the meeting held at the conference room of the Aviation Ministry included Air Cote d’Ivoire, Royal Air Maroc, South African Airways, Air France, among others.

The minister seized the opportunity to appeal to the operators to make their views on import duties, spare parts, taxes and fuel prices known to him.

He said the industry would improve if information is disseminated freely between the ministry and the airlines, urging the players to see him as their mouthpiece to Cabinet and the government in general.
Mr Adda stressed that he could only succeed in forwarding their concerns to President Akufo-Addo if they provide detailed and accurate information about happenings in the industry.

Mr. Adda also appealed to the operators to pay attention to issues on quality customer service and air passenger safety and rights.

According to him, government shall at all times be concerned about passengers, their safety and the respect they get from the service providers.

He stressed that “we should together represent the people in a very effective way, we should speak with one voice.


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