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Ghana – Change Africa’s narrative through music – Tourism Minister charges musicians…

Minister of Tourism, Culture and arts, Catherine Afeku, has urged musicians over the continent to utilize their music to greatly help change the African narrative.

According to her, plenty is had by the continent of intelligent, talented and powerful musicians who is able to use their music to greatly help promote development to improve the narrative of Africa.

Speaking at the 5th edition of most African Music Awards (AFRIMA) held in Accra on the weekend, the Minister said:

“I trust that the narrative of Africa changes also it shall change through music, culture and art. We are able to use music as a conduit for peace and send a solid signal to all of those other world that Africa has its challenges but we’ve overcome a lot of them,” she said.

She added that ‘Our musicians have become talented, intelligent and they’re ambassadors of desire to another generation”.

Mrs Afeku stated that with a collective goal, AFRIMA could be a potent force to be reckoned with at the international level. “It really is my belief that together we are able to put AFRIMA on a competitive tie and also have a stronger voice within an increasingly competitive world. We wish the people of the beautiful continent and the others of world to see this as a call to duty; a call to every creative artiste in Africa, from the North south, to the East and the West.”

She stressed that the prospect of economic growth and development linked to the tourism and creative arts industry are fully-recognized at both continental and international levels. She expressed delight that Ghana was hosting this year’s event which seeks to place the creative arts agenda up for grabs.

Mrs Afeku further explained that Ghana includes a wide variety of exciting and unique natural, cultural and historical attraction and a amount of events with international and domestic appeal including PANAFEST and Emancipation Day celebrations, paragliding festival, carnivals, choral festivals, national festival of culture and arts homogenous festival.

According to her, it’s imperative for Africans ahead together to be able to re-energize the continent to be sold as a preferred tourism destination to talk about our beautiful sight with all of those other world. “It’s because of this justification that Ghana institutionalized “See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana and Feel Ghana” campaign to drum home the huge tourism potential having an exciting selection of products from culture, eco-tourism, heritage, conference and beach tourism serving as unique ingredients of any enticing destination”.

Mrs. Afeku further expressed her appreciation to the African Union and AFRIMA representatives for trusting and handing on the hosting rights to Ghana. She called on all to sample the delights that Ghana provides the others of Africa.


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