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Hospitality – Kenyans blasts controversial former Movenpick Accra GM for Racism…


Since the entry into Norfolk by the Racist Slave Master Axel, business has been unusual. Abuse and mistreatment of staff has been the order of the day and staff are totally frustrated, generally angry, and disengaged from work. Unfortunately, the HR department remains mum, or is perhaps helpless, or may be compromised at best.

Firstly, let’s highlight and very quickly appreciate the fact that Axel the Racist Slave Master does not know how to communicate nor relate with staff. He totally lacks IQ and EQ to effectively engage with people on a sober and professional level. His behaviour leaves many wondering if he really has what it takes to hold such a delicate position as GM of a prestigious hotel. Did he miss out on anything in his training or academic journey? Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps, he should be investigated to better understand how such an incompetent human being in the form of a fully grown adult, and with an apparent sound mind could have landed a work permit in Kenya?

For the short period of time that Axel the Racist Slave Master has been a GM at Fairmont the Norfolk, there have been unprecedented resignations across all departments and mostly among the management level staff members. Some of the resignations have been well calculated by Axel to ensure that he brings in his own cronies. It was most unfortunate to see a highly qualified Kenyan who was the Director of Finance being fired and in his place an expatriate brought in for almost 5 times the salary of the Kenyan. What!!!??? For such a high level position, the Kenyan was replaced within no time. This means that someone was already assured of the position and had to come in by all means. To this regard, the circumstances under which the Director of Operations and the Director of Finance were hired can be and should be investigated. In fact, the Director of Operations is a grand puppet of the Racist Slave Master Axel. She is very busy trying to impress Axel by stepping on many toes knowing that she has his full support.

In reality, she simply runs around the hotel like a headless chicken and even pushes aside front office staff to check in guests! She definitely has too much on her plate but yet lacks the required skills to execute her mandate with ease. Her suitability and experience for her role is painfully questionable. A Kenyan can deliver better than she does by far, and that’s a fact. And by the way, the lady has also perfected the art of shouting at anyone and everyone – or just simply, any living thing. It’s unacceptable. A guest recently told her off to her face about her lack of professionalism, and the fact that there were better qualified Kenyans in the hospitality sector who could actually deliver on the job better than her.

Let’s get this straight… The mistreatment of workers in these harsh economic times is just too much to bear. Having a foreigner mistreat Kenyans in their motherland without any apologies only adds insult to injury. I repeat: We are a hospitable people and very professional at that. But when provoked, we know how to bite!

Let’s make it very clear that the exodus of staff at various levels in the establishment has only just started. It’s a simple reminder that people do not leave companies but they leave bad bosses. Anyone working under this empty-headed racist in the name of Axel has their lifespan significantly shortened. It’s unbelievable but this man actually thinks and refers to his PA as “the printing girl.” Really??? I mean, how disrespectful can one be? The Slave Master is as disgraceful as they come. He has no understanding whatsoever of what professionalism entails. In another incident, the Slave Master told the sales team that a morgue is usually busier than the hotel – all in an effort to imply that they were incompetent and poor at sales, yet in the real sense the hotel was at the time fully booked.

Some unfortunate incident took place recently in the full glare of hotel guests where the Racist Slave Master was shouting at and scolding hotel gardeners at the top of his voice. Really now!!!??? Couldn’t he avoid the public humiliation of the workers and settle matters in private away from the all-important guests who are the lifeline of the hotel? It was therefore not surprising that some guests turned all shades of colours with anger, with others vowing never to come back to the hotel. Other guests literally went into shock when they were informed that the madman shouting in the hotel premises was actually the hotel’s GM. He was boss. Not a leader. Not a manager. Not a communicator. Simply a happy-go-lucky disrespectful yet shameful bully without any appreciation of Kenyan hospitality. I wonder what the company did about this incident? Again, your guess is as good as mine!

We, Kenyans, can be terrible when our kindness and hospitality is mistaken for weakness and meekness.

Looking back at history, we are reminded that slave masters were greatly feared. Slave masters never entertained any questions or different opinions. What they said was law, even if wrong. In the same way, the Racist Slave Master Axel terrifies staff at the hotel and has a way of making servers feel totally uncomfortable especially if he doesn’t like how they look. It’s unbelievable but true, yet so shameful that it all happens as we watch. It’s also unbelievable that the Racist Slave Master never wants to interact with black guests irrespective of their status. He simply can’t stand them. It explains how and why it’s so easy to mistreat his staff, no?

This thankless Racist Slave Master needs to help himself as a matter of urgency by going back to school to study the basics of communication. He needs to check into a rehabilitation centre that can help him with managing his anger while unsuccessfully trying to reshape his character (although it might as well be too late). He has no character to write home about. He sees himself as a gift to the hotel (or the hospitality industry) yet in actual sense he is an overqualified disgraceful nincompoop. As I said, the man lacks both EQ and IQ, thereby making him a deadly time-bomb whose disgraceful exit awaits him with open arms.

Let’s be clear once again: Kenyans love foreigners but loath those that look down upon them, and despise them openly. That said, it’s now confirmed that it’s business unusual at Fairmont the Norfolk, and the gloves are off! The media, bloggers, the Kenya Immigration department among other key government offices must know of this high handedness by the Racist Slave Master Axel. A little investigation will reveal that most, and if not all the claims in this dossier are nothing but the truth. I dare anyone to please investigate. I dare the Kenya Immigration Department to investigate. I dare bloggers to investigate. I dare investigative journalists to investigate. Please.

Peace Loving, Kind Hearted, Respectful, Professional, Hospitable Kenyan.

Source: Cyprian, Is Nyakundi (

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