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Communication is a key part of travel. Travelling is important, but keeping in touch with loved ones you left at home is importanter. Going incommunicado may lead to unnecessary increase in blood pressure.

Connecting to available hotspots may help, but your option is limited. Communication is only possible when WiFi is available and you’re connected. Roaming option. But the charges are not so healthy on your wallet. A local SIM? By now you already have a collection of SIM cards from different telecom operators from the various countries you’ve been to. What other option?

Lukhanyiso Giba is a Director at Urworld® “the perfect travel companion” to help you stay in touch with your family and friends. More Cream Than Coffee® met with her in September at Akwaaba African Travel Market 2018. Ms. Giba was back in Lagos in November as a panelist on Technology Trends at the Nigeria Travel Week 2018 and we had a chat afterwards.

Introduction: My Name is Lukhanyiso Giba, people call me Lu because they feel my name is too long. I am a director at Urworld® Sim.

About Urworld®Our mission in life is to reduce roaming and transaction costs worldwide… I find it incredible how expensive the telecommunication industry charges for roaming as well as data. We all know that Africa, SA, in particular has one of the highest data rates worldwide. And off course most people can`t afford it, therefore, they can`t be empowered or stay informed.

I believe travelling is so important for individual growth. I personally have grown through my travels and my mind-set and values have expanded immensely. However, let`s face it, it`s also expansive. Therefore, being able to reduce some of the exorbitant costs, to afford everyday people to save, is a mission worth driving on a daily basis.

Benefits: We have been in operation a little over 2 years. We are about: Savings, convenience, transparency. Our SIM card, allows 80% savings on roaming and data rates worldwide. We provide seamless connectivity in more than 180 countries. Our Sim cards has no minimum life span, meaning you can travel with it anytime and anywhere. Our rates and usage on costs as well as top-ups are easily available on our app or website.

Before Urworld®: I am a Hospitality girl in training and by nature, specifically in Public Relations and events.

Response in Nigeria: It has been amazing! The product has been received exceptionally well. I love the fact that Nigerians are constantly traveling, I see great potential for my product being the perfect traveling companion for the Nigerian market.

My experience at both the AKWAABA and Nigerian Travel week has been phenomenal. I love the energy and the drive here in Lagos, people are sooo humble, friendly and confident! Love it!

Lu speaking at Nigeria Travel Week 2018

South African Tourism: South Africa is a country of diverse beauty, landscape, wildlife and most importantly the friendliness of our people.

Nigerian Tourism vs South African Tourism: I will not say the typical, like infrastructure… Yes, it’s important. However, people these days’ travel for different reasons, they travel to learn and discover something new about themselves, exposure to a new culture and a different lifestyle to what they are normally accustom to. Nigeria is different, energetic and vibrant! I think if you can find creative (there are lots of creative people around here) ways of showcasing that difference and authenticity… I believe it could be a winner.

More about Lu: I am single mother to a gorgeous little girl. Most people can`t imagine me as a mother though. I`m extremely blessed as I`ve lived and experienced quite a few places in South Africa and now I live in the most beautiful part of SA, Cape Town and Knysna, I am surrounded by mountains and water… makes me extremely happy, I love me some nature!

Pastime: Walking and appreciating the breath-taking scenery around me, meeting new people, chatting and laughing. I enjoy good food, good wines coupled with a stunning landscape. I appreciate art and galleries, reading novels. I am currently exploring African authors. I am reading Purple Hibiscus, by Chimamanda Adichie.

Favourite Places: Gosh, there are so many beautiful places I`ve seen and yet to see. But the most special so far has to be Portugal. My absolute favourite however, is my second home, Switzerland.

Most Memorable Travel Experience: Experiencing some marvellous work of ancient art, indulging on a 5 course meal while listening to a live opera performance in Florence, Italy… hmmmmm

Your visit to Nigeria: Meeting new people who inspire me. This time around, I was able to experience a different side of Lagos, slightly more of a modern vibe.

Lu with other discussants n Technology Trends at NTW 2018

All images courtesy Efe Awhana of Avantegarde Tours.

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