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Aviation – A Look At LATAM Airlines Incredible $400 Million Cabin Overhaul…

LATAM Airlines has revealed to Simple Flying that they will be seriously upgrading their cabin.

How serious? They are spending an incredible $400 million USD to upgrade over 200 jets in their fleet.

Argentina domestic flights Latam B787
Argentina domestic flights LATAM Boeing 787

What are the details?

Starting with the two subsidiary airlines, LATAM Brazil and LATAM Peru, the airline plans to overhaul their fleet and incorporate many features that you have come to expect in new aircraft today.

This overhaul plan is not small either, with a lion share budget of $400 million USD being spent to upgrade their aging interiors.

The reconfiguration will cover more than 150 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft, nine Boeing 777s and 10 767s, LATAM said previously. New Airbus A350-1000s and Boeing 787-9s will be delivered with the new interior.

The overhaul will begin this month and will start with an older LATAM Peru Boeing 767, focusing on their short haul fleet before switching gears to the bigger planes (which makes financial sense, a smaller plane will be back in the sky much faster than a big long-haul plane).

business class
The current business class found on board LATAM.

What does the new interior look like?

Now, there is not much wrong with the current cabins on board most LATAM flights.

Economy class on the typical LATAM airbus planes.

But when you see the new look, you will be impressed.

The new economy designs. Source: LATAM

The all-new economy seats come with a seat back screen (12 inches) and in-seat power to charge your devices. There is also a rumor that LATAM will debut a new Economy+ section (called LATAM+), with longer legroom and priority boarding. There is also additional storage space on board for these passengers. Free Upgrade: To Premium Economy, With A Rewards Card

As for business class:

The new business class on board LATAM

It will feature 18-inch entertainment screens, multiple bins for personal storage, direct aisle access for every seat and complete lie-flat seats.

Each seat also includes additional privacy, not available in the current model.

As you can see in the photo above, every second row the two business seats are in the middle with their tables on the aisle side. The divider can be removed, allowing couples to sleep together on-board.

LATAM Airlines Peru will be the first of LATAM’s regional carriers to receive the redesigned aircraft, expected to be in operation by year-end; LATAM Airlines Brasil will receive its retrofiited aircraft at the beginning of 2019, followed by LATAM Airlines Chile in the second half of 2019. – Mro Network (2018)

Whether or not their soft product will be upgraded remains to be seen, but so far it all looks very impressive.

Enjoy a peaceful rest with a private flatbed. Source: LATAM (

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