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Event – CABNC-TV launches ‘Explore Africa’ series to promote businesses and tourism in Africa…

Center Africa Broadcasting Network Corporation Television (CABNC-TV) announced on March 7 this year that in collaboration with Bordernation Media of New York, that they have launched their ‘Explore Africa‘ video series, a campaign aimed to showcase the best Africa has to offer in business and tourism.

Making the announcement from their Washington, DC area offices in the United States (US), CABNC-TV said The ‘Explore Africa‘ series will showcase the latest in tech, arts, entertainment, culture, entrepreneurship, and tourism attractions across Africa.

The project is designed to rebrand Africa’s image by using video storytelling to tell authentic and honest stories of Africa and Africans. “Our campaign will focus on promoting entrepreneurship, healthy, immersive travel & tourism to Africa for the US consumer market,” said a CABNC-TV official during the launch. ADVERTISEMENT

In partnership with Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest airline, the project plans to change how the world sees Africa and learn about its many untapped potentials in the business and tourism sectors. This partnership will foster a renewed interest in visiting Africa and thus increase intra-Africa travel and attract foreign travelers to the continent.

Besides Ethiopian Airlines, another partner joining CABNC-TV in this project is Off Season Adventures — a New Jersey-based travel company in the US that curates immersive traveler and destination experiences across Africa designed to delight and empower.

To learn more about sponsorship or to get involved in the ‘Explore Africa‘ initiative send an email to as more partnerships align with it.

Source: CABNC-TV

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