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Africa – New travel show for Vox Africa…

Vox Africa has launched a new travel show hosted by UK comedian Eddie Kadi. The show, My African Passport, will broadcast from May 28. VVox Africa is a bilingual Pan-African Television Channel transmitting feeds across Africa and Europe.

Eddie Kadi is a household name within the UK comedy scene and the first black British comedian to headline the O2 Arena. He has appeared on numerous TV shows, including Virtually Famous, the Lenny Henry Show and QI, alongside Stephen Fry. Kadi is also the founder of Gift&Purpose, a production house which focuses on producing creative content and live events.

Co-host, Lyande Kaikai, is the founder of My African Passport, a travel and tourism consultancy. Kaikai has worked on numerous campaigns with brands like Airbnb, KLM and the World Travel Market, to promote African countries as go-to travel destinations.

The My African Passport (MAP) travel show aims to showcase different places to visit and things to do in African countries. The show gives its audience insightful access to the culture, food, art, music and traditions of African countries. It is filmed by Derek Yeboah and edited by Saraphina Mattis.

In the first episode, Kadi and Kaikai travel around Monrovia, learning how to surf, cook Liberian food and turn up in the top club in the city.

The duo had never been to Liberia before and when asked why they chose to showcase this country first, Kaikai shared their reasons: “Liberia prides itself on being known for firsts. It was the first country to welcome freed African-American slaves. It was the first African country to elect a female president. It is the first country to elect a former professional footballer as a president. With so many interesting firsts, it just made sense to make it the first country to feature on the MAP TV show.”


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