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I, Richard Yaw Boateng, the Interim President of Film Directors Guild of Ghana (FDGG), by this publication hereby declare my interest in contesting for the seat of National President of FDGG, come 8th July, 2019.

  1. I am competent, focused, determined, cooperative, understanding, respectful, a visionary and above all a very passionate filmmaker and a leader who has what it takes to lead the association to its destination, where FDGG will become a very well-recognized film directors’ association in Ghana and in Africa as a whole.
  2. As an interim President of FDGG, in the past couple of years, my vision, leadership ability and determination, which has brought FDGG to the state and status of national recognition as it is now, as an association in the Film Industry in Ghana, can never be overemphasized.
  3. My restless and selfless contribution to the glorious state of FDGG today indicates my ability to make FDGG to become the largest and strongest film DIRECTORS association in the Republic of Ghana, if not the only film DIRECTORS association in the country.
  4. My weakness in the past years, as well known by members of the association and the general public, has been my passion for the success and prosperity of FDGG and its members, in that I become very emotional and defensive of the association whenever people who dislike me attack my personality in order to attack the association. I have always felt injustice and unfairness towards me and the guild whenever individuals castigate in that direction. This makes me become very emotional and defensive, and it has been attributed to me as being AUTOCRATIC, by people who were doing everything possible to influence members of the association to their selfish interest and to destroy the association
    , prior to the inauguration of the association to date. They are people of influence, in the film fraternity, who saw me and my enthusiasm as a threat, and still see me as a threat to date due to the manifold capabilities they know I can exhibit in order to see the guild reach its progress.
  • My other weakness has to do with then CONSTITUTION (2015 – 2016) of the association, which at the beginning was full of controversy and contention. The enemies of FDGG took advantage of the situation and incited people, including potential members, against FDGG, especially against me, Richard Boateng, in the media and everywhere. Today, the issues about the Constitution are over and as at now we have a promulgated, signed and sealed Constitution of FDGG.
  • Other assumed weaknesses of mine had to do with the finances of the association. When we started, with all attempts to collapse FDGG by our enemies, i.e. when they were asking for the size of our membership as an association, we were compelled, as leaders, the National Council of FDGG, to use any means to get members for the association, and also establish regional branches. So, we resorted to registering members who cannot pay for the FDGG Registration free of charge. Some of them too were given discounts according to their request. This raises the membership by 50% as compared to the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) at the time. As we talk right now, over 60% of FDGG Members are beneficiaries of the discount and free registration Scheme.
  • Our inability to hold our Annual General Meetings consistently, where the leadership would render financial account and general reports of the association to the members, was due to the continuous struggle to gain our grounds as an association. During that period; most members of the association were getting weak in the fight for the stability of the association.
  • I believe FDGG is almost at the end of the bridge of all these organizational struggles. *We shall surely cross this bridge, come 8th July, 2018.
  1. My appeal to the honorable members of the association, FDGG, is that, “PLEASE grant ME the CONSTITUTIONAL opportunity to be your leader, the National President, for the next constitutional Four-Year term. I will deliver on promise more than I have done in the interim.
  • I will do everything humanly possible to add Film Directors of Ghana in the Film Act of 2016 (Act 935) by the end of 2020.
  • I will lead all film DIRECTORS in Ghana in the fight for our ROYALTY RIGHTS as creators and authors of Cinematographic or Audiovisual works.
  • I will make sure there are training opportunities for all members of FDGG periodically; locally and internationally.

These are a few of the meritorious plans which I will mention in my campaign while rendering my Manifesto to the house.

Thank you all so much for allowing me to be your able leader and interim National President for the past few years. I look forward to making this organization proud and setting a hallmark for greatness for all other executive members to come in the future.

God bless FDGG and God bless us all.


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