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Ghana – Women in business and tourism Today at MJ Grande Hotel was the launch of Miss Tourism Ghana.

Miss Tourism Ghana is 10 years this year and has groomed alot of young ladies into responsible women teaching them about their country Ghana; our tourism, arts ,culture and heritage and imbibing in them Patriotism and Good Citizenship.

From Miss Tourisms’ they move on to become Women of Substance and Women in various Businesses including Tourism (and love to travel and tour ????????) based on the mentorship and exposure they get from their Mother and Founder Mrs Delphine Brew Hammond who is an Executive member of Women in Business and Tourism and the other Women Members of this association.
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Delphine Brew Hammond and all the Miss Tourism Past and Present Participants and winners and all those who work behind the scenes to keep this project running till date and for more years to come.

Pageantry should not only be about Beauty but Beauty with Brains and Purpose !!!! The purpose for this 10th year anniversary for the Miss Tourism ladies is Sanitation of our Environment, and our Country!! Ayekoo Miss Tourism Ghana !


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