On Sunday 19th May, 2019, videos of the incident at the 20th edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Award, which took place on Saturday 18th May, 2019, were circulated in all over the country and on all social media. The incident was so disappointing and embarrassing.

The Film Directors Guild of Ghana (FDGG) condemns the indiscipline conduct of violence and display of harmful weapon (gun) in the midst of over 2000 crowd by both parties at the new dome of the Accra International Conference.

The National President of Film Directors Guild of Ghana, Richard Yaw Boateng, request the authorities to quickly look into the incident, without prejudice to the parties involved, and do everything possible to STOP the tension that the incident is building so it doesn’t escalate into something that the whole country will regret about.

“This is how small the East Coast and West Coast war started in the United States which killed a lot of the youth of the American musicians over a space of 10 years with the death of Tupac and Notorious BIG,” said Mr. Boateng.

With about over one million Ghanaian youth involved in the Creative Industry, Ghana is not ready to lose our young men and women in the entertainment industry for this kind of indiscipline and unfruitful rivalry among Ghanaian celebrities.

The security of the country should be taken into account – for such incidents can create a state of emergency on public events; this could drive out investors from the country if people can carry weapons into such public places without the notice of authorities. We thank God for not allowing alarming casualties during the incident.

We call on the Honourable Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, the National Security and the leadership of Chater House and the Musicians Union Of Ghana (MUSIGA) to step in to rectify the situation as soon as possible so this will not deter the success of subsequent, future and similar events.

However, we congratulate Charter House for the 20th anniversary of the Ghana Music Award. We also say CONGRATULATIONS to the Award Winners and the nominees.

Long Live Ghana Music Award

Long Live the Creative Industry

Long Live Ghana

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