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Africa: Ghana’s Western Region Open to Trade, Tourism and Investment says Minister

Ghana’s Western Regional Minister, Hon. Dr. Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah has said the region is open and ready to receive investors from all over the world that are looking for viable and profitable economies to invest in.

The minister said the region which contributes 60% to the country’s national development has a lot of resources waiting to be tapped into and explored by investors.

Speaking at the regional officer in Ghana, while hosting delegates and tour operators for the 5th Accra Weizo tourism fair, led by Mr Ikechi Uko organiser of the event, Dr. Kwabena, stated that the Western region controls more than 30% of tourism receipts for the country.

He added that although the region is blessed with abundant tourism sites, it is yet to fully explore its potentials.

He said: “The Western Region is only 25 minutes from Accra by air. It contributes 60% to Ghana’s national development and controls more than 30% of tourism receipts for the country. But we believe that it is a sleeping giant and we need to awaken it.

“When I took over as the regional minister, the first request I made was to the regional tourism board asking for a plan to change the narrative for tourism in the Western region. There is a western carnival fancy festival or masquerade festival. It holds between December 24th to 26th. The festival has a lot of activities and it would definitely be an attraction for tourists.”

“Western region is also open for business, we do a lot of oil and gas, agriculture, there is steel, iron, and cocoa. The western region produces 60% of the nation’s cocoa production in the country. So even if you want to come here and manufacture your own small chocolate and export to any part of the world, we have a harbour that you can use to import and export to any place in the world.”

Also at the event, the Head of Tourism, Western Regional Coordinating Council, George Nkrumah Ansere said : “We are very happy you are and we say that the best comes from the west, the western region has everything you can ever imagine, right from tourism resources, minerals, and agriculture products.

“This is the oil city of Ghana and we are still discovering more resources in this region. And we are trying to blend business, recreation and leisure. We have so much to offer and the region is so diverse and we have something for everybody.”

By Friday Nwosu

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