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Mozambique, Zim sign air transport agreement

Mozambique, Zim sign air transport agreement

Maputo – The national airlines of Mozambique and Zimbabwe can now fly between the two countries without any barriers, under an agreement signed in Maputo last week by Mozambican Transport Minister Carlos Mesquita and his Zimbabwean counterpart, Joel Matiza.

The agreement allows the two airlines to fly from one of the countries to the other without any kind of limitation.

According to Joao Abreu, the chairperson of the aviation regulatory body, the Civil Aviation Institute of Mozambique (IACM), the agreement is in line with the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM), a project of the African Union which seeks to create a single, unified air transport market in Africa, and to liberalise civil aviation across the continent.  

“The agreement signed today will allow the two countries to make flights, without limits on capacity or the number of flights, at any national entry points where they wish to fly. This is the main point to respect the decisions of the African Union,” he said.  

Abreu announced that Mozambique has already liberalised its air space, and has already signed agreements with other members of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). These will be updated to meet the new demands of the free market.

Mozambique was one of the first countries to sign and ratify the SAATM agreement. By mid-2017, the number of countries signing up to the Single Aviation Market was 21.   

SAATM is viewed as complying with the Yamoussoukro Decision of 1999, which envisages total liberalisation in terms of access to the aviation market between African states, the free exercise of traffic rights, the elimination of restrictions on ownership and total liberalisation of frequency of flights, fares and transport capacity.

Source: southerntimesafrica.com

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