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Ghana to launch national airline in 2 months according to its Aviation Minister

He made this revelation on Wednesday (August 7, 2019) at the Aviation Ministry’s mid-year performance conference.

The minister said that the home-based carrier would connect various African cities with affordable airfares to make Ghana a sub-regional hub. He added that Ghana’s quest to become West Africa’s aviation hub was on course.

According to him, the stakeholders in the home-based carrier are coming on board with expertise, professionalism and well-grounded experience that will add value to the airline and champion the course of socio-economic growth in Ghana.

He further congratulated the sector agencies for attaining Africa’s highest score in the recent ICAO audit, with 89.89 percent.

“This should serve as a motivation to continue with hard work and demonstrate a high level of professionalism,” Mr Adda said.

He added that the stakeholders in the sector need to be innovative in attracting businesses.

“It is only prudent that we as a sector become very innovative in our way of doing government business to attract the needed capital for the growth of the aviation industry and to create the needed jobs for Ghanaians,” he said.

The conference seeks to among other things address strategies on how to fully utilize the benefits of having Ghana as host to the African Continental Free Trade Headquarters.

Mr. Kofi Adda said “this undoubtedly has significant impact to our aviation hub agenda and the making of Ghana as a destination of choice for all travellers.”


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