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Ghana – Dr Thomas Mensah To Speak At 2019 HACSA Summit.

he Famous Fiber Optics Inventor, World Nanotechnology Expert, and the Founder of Silicon Valley of Ghana; was one of the Keynote Speakers at the 2019 HACSA Summit held at Kempinski Hotel in Accra. from August 4to August 11. The meaning of HACSA is the; Heritage and Cultural Society of Africa.

The Summit organized by Ambassador Svanikier, Founder and President of HACSA brought participants from many African countries, as well as Blacks from the Diaspora in the UK, France, USA, Brazil, and the Caribbean. This was one of the most Successful HACSA events on the continent of Africa. The meaning of HACSA is the; Heritage and

Cultural Society of Africa.
Speakers at 2019 HACSA Summit were drawn from many disciplines and different cultures, including FilmMakers. The Incredible line of keynote speakers included Her Excellency Rebecca Akufo Addo, the First Lady of Ghana, who highlighted Training Girls to Code at the Gala event, Her Excellency Jewel Taylor Vice President of Liberia who emphasized the need for the leaders in Africa to be forward-thinking.

Former President of Ghana His Excellency John Agyekum Kufuor shed light on the current status of African Countries,. Other Keynote Speakers included; Ambassador Kwesi Quartey of the Africa Union Commission; Former Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe; Hon Arthur Mutambara and Ghana’s Minister of Tourism; Hon Barbara Oteng Gyasi.

An Archeological Exhibit by experts from Legon was sponsored by the US Ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency; Stephanie Sullivan who delivered the keynote address at the opening night. Former Ghana’s Ambassador to France; Tommy Svanikier and their Team of volunteers are credited with organizing the event.

The noted Inventor spoke on a panel for Innovation and Technology in the morning and delivered the Luncheon Keynote Address. He emphasized that the Africa Union Development Agenda 2063 can be a reality when fast and efficient transportation infrastructure is created to link various countries to enhance Trade and Regional Integration.

He demonstrated that fast trains and aviation hubs are critical to Development and Trade in Africa since at moment poor road network impede trade within the 54 countries. Around 10 percent Intercontinental versus European Union 70 percent. It is easier to export to European Union Countries and the United States from Africa than to the 54 African Countries. He has developed a Roadmap for Industrialization, Infrastructure Development and Modernization of the African Continent beginning with Ghana, detailed in his Autobiography – The Right Stuff Comes in Black Too, the African Edition Book under CopyRight.

Dr. Mensah showed a wooden Mahogany stool specially designed to house his book while being delivered from the sky by a Drone to land at Manhyia Palace before the launch of his book by; His Majesty Otumfuo Osei II. The King of the Ashanti Kingdom. His Majesty wrote and signed the Foreword for this African Edition.

Dr. Mensah also unveiled in detail his Luxury Cruise Ship Project that will retrace the path of original Slave ships over the Atlantic Ocean to land in Brazil, the Caribbean Islands and the East Coast of the United States. {From James Town to Charleston) About 300 Blacks will be on the Cruise Ship. the occupants will represent the different groups whose ancestors were on the original slave ships; 100 from America, 100 from Africa, 50 from Brazil, 50 from the Caribbean, This number can be increased to 1000. In the same ratios, 300 from America, 150 from the Caribbean, 150 from Brazil and 300 from Africa. In the USA Dr. Thomas Mensah has discussed this project with Media Mogul; Oprah Winfrey during her visit to Atlanta to celebrate Ambassador Andrew Young’s Birthday.

In Ghana recently Dr. Mensah was happy to discuss the project with the Director of the Black Panther Movie; Dr. John Kani from South Africa. He also discussed the project with the Film Director; Juan Gelas from France who showed a documentary on slavery by Europeans namely; the Portuguese transporting slaves from Africa to Brazil, the French transporting slaves from Africa to French Caribbean Islands, The Spanish transporting slaves from Africa to Latin America and Cuba, and the British from Africa to America and the West Indies. There will be 5 engagements on this Cruise Ship where the 5 Couples will jump the broom expecting to be married on the arrival of the Cruise Ship in America (Charleston and James Town ), Brazil, Cuba, and Jamaica. The weddings will be extravagant with the Brides wearing gowns that trail 30 feet behind like that of Princess Diana of England.

In America, the wedding will occur in front of the Slave Market that exists in Charleston, with Reception held at the New International Museum of Slavery being built by a group led by the Majority Whip Hon James Clyburn. The Participants of the Cruise Ship will line up wearing a bracelet with African Names on them and will walk up to the edge of the Ship pronounce and shout the name on the bracelet and throw it into the ocean, a symbolic gesture to let the slaves that could not make the Journey know from Heaven that they have not been forgotten just like the Holocaust Memorial. The entire two week Cruise will be filmed for Television and also shown in Movie Theatres around the world.

This Cruise Ship Project will bring healing to Blacks in the Diaspora as well as their brothers and sisters in Africa who were colonized on the continent after slavery.


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