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Tourism – Over 50 artists from Gambia on Europe tour

In what can be described as unprecedented in the country’s creative and performing sector, 53 artists from The Gambia music industry have gained access to perform in different places across Europe this summer compared with the past whereby only the big names that had the privilege of getting visas to travel abroad to entertain their fans.

Entertainment is one among other platforms that can be used to export The Gambia culture abroad as it always lasts and distinguished one from others, while its impact create new perspectives. Apart from its other advantages, exporting the culture through music can also give chance to individuals and groups to come together with flourish, ideas and opportunities.

In a brief interview with Hassoum Ceesay, acting director general of National Centre for Arts and Culture on this new development, he said NCAC in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture will continue working hard with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support active artistes in The Gambia to export their trade abroad to create further exposure for them and the country.

He disclosed in this interview that what the National Center for Arts and Culture has started “so far has produced result.” He noted that the center will continue to support artistes and help whoever among them that get invitation with all necessary documents to perform abroad.

He declared that visas used to be the obstacle for artistes when it came to travelling abroad to perform “but now the center will help to facilitate and scrutinize any artiste that approaches NCAC with genuine documents by taking further steps with appropriate authorities which is what artistes are presently enjoying.”

He further said that their collaboration with the ministries of Tourism and Culture and Foreign Affairs is yielding positive result for the artistes. “Some of the artistes are currently performing in Europe which among them is the member of the Super Eagle.”

Although he added that “some of these artists don’t even need our support to facilitate their visa and other documents. But those that need it come to us.”

DG Hassoum went further to outline the advantages of artistes playing outside their shore; the advantages include greater exposure, foreign exchange, and buoyant economy for the country.

He applauded both the ministries of Tourism and Culture and Foreign Affairs for their support “and the idea of appointing three artists – ST, Sona Jobarteh and Jaliba Kuyateh as Gambia Cultural ambassadors – is helping and this will be spread to other associations in the industry.

”Author: Yunus S Saliu (

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