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Carnival Calabar: Bangladesh is an exciting example to the world-Ayade

Oru Leonard The Cross River State Governor, Prof. Ben Ayade, has said that the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh is an exciting example to the world. Professor Ayade stated this on Monday, October 21, 2019 when he played host to the Bangladesh High Commissioner, Md. Shameem Ahsan in his official residence. The Governor explained that the carnival calabar has come a long way, and has taken an established root beyond entertainment and pleasure, to a story deeper, using dance and procession. He noted that his conversations with the Bangladesh High Commissioner has extended beyond the carnival and is now finding its root in the economic and industrialization dream of Cross River State “Indeed Bangladesh remains an exciting example”, he said. Ayade continued,“Because of this your visit, we are prepared with my team to visit Bangladesh. The idea is to sit with you to discuss the Cross River garment factory. “From carnival now to business, and that’s the whole idea. For me as a business man, I am looking at the economics of the carnival. I am happy that Bangladesh remains an example for Nigeria in particular and by the time we go to Bangladesh and back, we will be signing off a very big contract with Bangladesh to work with us and take advantage of the African growth opportunity and partner with us for the export of garment from Cross River state to America”. “We are coming to learn, partner and to create mutual understanding between the two cultures. My pictures and concept of Bangladesh will change entirely with my visit and so, Africans will see that we don’t have to always do business with the West. “Let this be an example to other Ambassadors. They are not supposed to sit in their Embassies and allow their tenure to run to waste. You are indeed a practical ambassador going round your country of base to attract businesses and opportunities. “By your visit, Bangladesh is taking over the garment business from India, you have my 100 percent assurance that Bangladesh will take that business,” he remarked. The Governor stated that with a growth of 7.86 percent in 2018, Bangladesh remains a very good example for Nigeria to follow and that he will love to see how a small country of that nature is doing 22,000 megawatts of electricity when Nigeria is still struggling with 7,000.  

Earlier, the Bangladesh High Commissioner, Md. Shameem Ahsan, stated that culture can be a very effective tool to connect other nations, nationalities and communities, as the present era is one where people cannot think or act in isolation with the rest of the world. He pointed out that although Carnival Calabar initiative may have come from the leadership of the governor, it is now a global platform which encourages other nationalities to showcase their culture. In his words, “I looked forward to attending the main carnival in December and I hope our government will send the cultural troupes, we will put a store in the cultural village just to showcase my country and cultural heritage. “I was so impressed and touched by the colours, diversity, cultural beauty and the performance. You are the leader and when the leader not only leads but is passionate about what is being done, then others will follow”. He also pointed out that Bangladesh is a role model with growth rate of 7.86% in 2018, and is the second largest producer of garment in the world after China, adding that the country has crossed 22,000 megawatts of electricity production despite its size. “Both Nigeria and Bangladesh can benefit by sharing our best practices. We should know each other, when you talk about doing business, engaging for a mutual beneficial relationship, you will agree that we should know each other and the carnival is a product that will create greater understanding between two countries. We hope to continue our relations in the interest of both countries”,  Mr Ahsan said.


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