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New political trend in Zimbabwe: Dr. Walter Mzembi and Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa is the President of the Movement for Democratic Change, in Zimbabwe who is in dispute with President Emmerson Mnangagwa over the 2018 elections. He got 43% of the ballot but claims he got 56 %. The dispute was only resolved by the Constitutional Court which ruled in favor of Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The name Dr. Walter Mzembi, a known Zimbabwe political leader and veteran of the travel and tourism industry is again emerging. Mzembi is currently in exile in South Africa.

Zimbabweans are yearning for progressive politics culminating into a proper development agenda, and this can only be achieved by the coupling of young and progressive elements across the political divide.

There is an overall consensus within the generational consensus that Advocate Chamisa and the respected Former Foreign and Tourism Minister in Mugabe’s Government, Dr Walter Mzembi resemble some form of respect across the political divide. Amongst the Mugabe’s former ministers, Mzembi remains one of the respected officials whose credentials remain undisputed.

Walter Mzembi (born 16 March 1964) is a Zimbabwean politician. He previously served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry. He was the Member of the House of Assembly for Masvingo South (ZANU-PF). Mzembi who led tourism ministry during the time of rebranding Zimbabwe was the only remaining minister who commanded respect within Mugabe’s Government. When leading the tourism ministry, it was clear that the Former Masvingo South legislator had an infectious charm that broke the barriers of the cultural and political context within and outside the country.

There is a clear testimony why Mzembi remains a thorn in Zanu PF flesh, just after the military coup which led to the ouster of former veteran leader Robert Mugabe, Mzembi was ED’s target, out of the whole G40 cabal, he is the only one who was on target despite court processions giving him a lifeline of relief, they ensured that he was haunted of the country.

Mzembi (55), exuded the hallmarks of personal diplomacy so imperative in leading such an important assignment. He convinced the world to assemble at the mighty Victoria Falls in 2013, organized the biggest match ever in Zimbabwe, the warm-up match between our warriors and Brazil in 2010, and conceived the popular Harare International Carnival drawing millions in fans in the streets of Harare. This clearly would irk anyone following his rising star at the time.

The popular Vic Falls Carnival was a child of the Harare edition and draws thousands every year-end to this day. Mzembi started threatening the entitlement politicians within his party when he conceived the popular religious tourism policy which the current Government has sought to rubbish by prosecuting him for abuse of office for donating 2010 public viewing screens to the Pentecostal churches, UFI, Ph.D., ZCC after identifying them as critical mass hosts of tourism pilgrims.

Ironically President Mnangagwa himself was the guest of honor at ZCC Mbungo Masvingo designation of this church as a Religious Tourism shrine at which he handed the TV screen he seeks to incarcerate his brother Walter for that effect. The celebration church during this time also was designated a Religious Tourism asset because of its conference facilities.

One would dare to ask this simple question, where is Mzembi’s mischief, it seems it was Mzembi endearing himself directly with the masses and constituency groups. He was a sought after speaker, an orator by all accounts, at Universities, Ohio University, amongst them. Mzembi has a huge following that is coveted by his political rivals hence the thrust to undermine him persistently.

An examination of the third way narratives and options, in view of Kasukuwere’s Tyson wabantu movement has become imperative.

The response by the President and his party designating a faction within itself going by the moniker G40 an enemy of the state is a compelling case for developing greater interest in generational politics currently at play not just within Zanu PF but also in the MDC formations where leadership re-arrangements and new alliances are emerging phenomena.

Nelson Chamisa has a tick biting into perennially in the form of one, Douglas Mwonzora. He is seemingly encouraged by a breakaway faction led by Thokozani Khupe and her acerbic lawyer Obert Gutu.

The interest of the state and Zanu PF, in all this is apparent as it seeks to weaken the young MDC President whose insistence question around President Mnangagwa post-2018 elections has become the elephant in the room in the pursuit for dialogue between the two protagonists.

In recent times Zimbabweans have been asking the question of what exactly G40 is, why Mugabe had groomed this intellectual bourgeoisie and trusted it to take over from him instead of his entitlement group from the liberation struggle fronted by Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Is what we are seeing now is the failure by Emmerson Mnangagwa to unify the country and run a successful economy, some of the issues that contributed to Mugabe’s last-minute vote face on what was dubbed his firstborn for nearly 35 years of his presidency?

Why had Mugabe taken a keen interest in promoting Walter Mzembi to the ministry of Foreign Affairs portfolio bringing him closer to him at Munhumutapa building at a time he was dropping his ester while deputy and personal assistant from the struggle opting for this suave diplomat, Walter is the subject of intrigue in the succession matrix of the time.

Clashing the Karanga brothers of the Shumba clan, was a dangerous card for a seemingly “out of touch” Mzembi who had just returned from a near successful UNWTO campaign for the post of Secretary-General.

What were the calculations on the part of Mzembi himself, did he have an option to choose disloyalty to a President who was openly fond of him against Karanga brotherhood solidarity? This brings to us Mzembi’s own ambitions for Presidency which many Zimbabweans have been stoking against evident failure by his clansmen to run the country.

Is he the man or his ester while brother Savior Kasukuwere, popularly known as Tyson wabantu, or is a collaboration between them possible for a common goal?

The question for the political market is also asking is the governance coupling between the Foreign Affairs and Tourism minister Walter Mzembi and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa forming a possible grand coalition with other progressive elements to usher in a new era.

The coupling of the two can bring an end to a hostile regime that thrives on deception and thuggish behavior.


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