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France Is The Most Visited Country in 2018 Followed By Spain And The US

Travelling around the world is a hobby for some frequent travellers and exploring new destinations would be fun for many, however, the working-class always plan their holidays to popular destinations.

1 France

France becomes the most visited country in 2018 according to data travel and tourism data for the year. France which has one of the most iconic landmarks in the world attract a whole lot of casual commuters to the destination. France accounted for 95.8 million visitors in 2018 which was the highest of all countries.

2 Spain

Spain, a bridge between Europe and Africa is the second most visited country in 2018, Spain is famous because it has nice weather, economic, and has ancient cities with a rich cultural background. Spain witnessed 85.3 million visitors during the last year.

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3 United States

The United States is one of the 3 largest countries in the world; it is the popular English speaking destination for its name, advancement, and for being the world leader. The United States has seen as many as 78.3 million visitors in the last year.

4 China

The rising superpower of the world China is placed at number 4 when it comes to international travellers, China’s importance has been increased all over the world due to its influence on the world’s economy. Chinese cultural heritage is quite rich and its building the world’s most advanced cities as well, the business in China is also remarkable, many people visit China for business purposes. China received 62.5 million visitors in 2018.

5 Italy

Italy is another popular European destination; people who travel from outside Europe always wish to travel to Italy. Italy has famous cities, culture and cuisine, the Venice canals and Vatican City are the most popular attractions everyone wants to see. Italy had 60.2 million visitors in 2018 just little behind China.

6 Turkey

Turkey is the bridge between the Middle East and Europe, it has a history and remains of the Ottoman Empire, the country is diverse rich in culture, food and much cheaper than other popular destinations of Europe.

7 Mexico

Do you remember Mexican Chicken? It is the word used in many fast foods, and traditional cuisine restaurants, Mexico is famous for food, whether and its culture, of course, Mexico received 41.2 million visitors in 2018.

8 United Kingdom

Though the UK is quite expensive in Europe, it is still one of the most popular destinations of Europe; English speaking country has a rich cultural heritage of Kings and Queens, British Empire and industrial revolution of 20th century. The United Kingdom accounted for 40.8 million visitors in 2018.

9 Germany

Germany is one of the major countries in Europe; it is also considered the most disciplined country in Europe. Germany is famous for many things including Wine, Food, and architecture. The country received 40.2 million visitors in 2018.  

10 Thailand

Thailand is the 10th most popular country among visitors, it has great landscapes, food and culture, Thailand is also popular among business circles, and it had 37.3 million visitors in 2018.


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