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Ethiopia breaks Africa’s record in international aviation audit

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) announced that it has scored the highest point international audit (preliminary) and the record result in Africa aviation history evaluated this week by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

During a media briefing in connection with the preliminary result of ICAO yesterday, ECAA Air Navigation Deputy Director General Shimeles Kibreab said that Ethiopia has scored 91.78 percent aviation regulation result evaluated by ICAO.

Shimeles stated that this result is a preliminary one given by evaluating all the necessary documents, practical activities of operators, all standards and the result will officially publicize after 45 days after evaluating by the organization.

The General Director stated that the world average aviation audit currently is 67.7 percent and 2019s other African countries result is below 87 percent.

Meanwhile, until now the highest African record was registered 89 percent, hence Ethiopia’s 2019 evaluation result is the record in Africa ever, Shimeles said adding that Ethiopia’s aviation industry is among the world’s aviation giants.

Since the audit evaluates every regulatory activities and the magnitude of the country’s aviation’s in type and number of fleet, number of local and international flights, number of operators, certification and other related services, the result is more than satisfactory.

The gaps that reduce points were also simple only related to the dynamic nature of the industry, some legislative system gaps of the authority and gaps in the organizations the authority is controlling, he stated.

According to the authority now, if it has a capacity, Ethiopian Airlines can fly wherever in the world since the capacity of the country’s aviation is secured and safe. And Ethiopian is the only African air licensed to fly to all corners of the world.

Air Transport Director with the Authority, Endeshaw Yigezu on his part argued that although the result is not finally confirmed, the authority is hopeful it will be approved by the organization since the evaluation was held by subject matter specialists of ICAO.

“By any qualification the result is the highest since this outcome was registered with the uniform application of international aviation rules and regulations evaluated equally with the developed countries of the world,” Endeshaw said.

It was learnt that Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority was established in 1944 and among the first 52 countries that ratifies the world’s civil aviation.

Source: https://www.press.et

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