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Behold the Africans wishing for coronavirus to come their way

In Summary

  • Africa accounts for anything between one and 2.2 per cent of global air passenger traffic.
  • Just like we do with votes during elections, we have not been able to count our air passenger traffic accurately.
  • Still, to the Africans wondering why the coronavirus disease hasn’t struck big yet, be careful what you wish for.

In the last few weeks since the coronavirus disease Covid-19 picked up steam globally, we have seen a strange development.

Every day, there are articles quoting some expert or busybody from outside Africa wondering why the continent seems, so far, to have been largely spared the virus. And there are quite a few African voices, including in Kenya, all but complaining that we are missing out on the coronavirus party.

Both groups seem to think there is a conspiracy; that Covid-19 is all around and our governments — which are mostly incompetent on most other things — have miraculously found the smarts to cover up its rampage.

Some say that because health systems in Africa are crappy, we can’t detect Covid-19. They say not all countries have labs that can test for the virus. I read a clown who claimed that African blood is too strong for, or possibly even hostile to, Covid-19.

Some more benign views have suggested that the African weather is unfriendly to the coronavirus.

The more enlightened views have offered that it might be an indicator of how little Africa is connected to the global aviation system.


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